Competence in a new dimension

Founded in 1949, Indasia is by now known for producing high-quality spices and ingredients for over 65 years and that way enriches several dishes each day. In addition to the ongoing development of exquisite products Indasia has always attached great importance to comprehensive, on demand consulting and service quality for mutual benefit.

Advanced processing techniques, such as nitrogen grinding for optimal flavour sealing, high performance mixers, aroma protection bag systems and weighing techniques found entry into the production of Indasia at an early stage and are consequently kept up to date. Thus, the company now produces annually about 11,000 tons of high-quality spices, marinades and technological additives at its plant in Georgsmarienhütte, Germany on 25,000 square meters.

Customers from the meat industry, artisanery, general food industry, fish industry, dairy industry and retail appreciate the combination of high quality, flexibility and unique service.

Competence in a new dimension - We are happy to convince you!

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