Company history

Shortly after the end of World War II, Hans Wulfes, as a butcher with years of management responsibility, founded the company Indasia (back then under the name of India) in Osnabrück. The slogan "India- for taste's sake" is born. 

After modest beginnings Indasia starts to develop into an ever-growing spice manufacturer. The company founder even the puts emphasis on the consistent and comprehensive Support and advice of the company's customers through field sales employees.

Indasia is co-patent holder of the revolutionary rubber elastic grid, which can be fried and therefore conserves roll roast from diverging during the preparation. This strengthens Indasia's competence as a full-range supplier of spices and butchers needs.

As a consequence of the success, the rented rooms in Osnabrück become to small for Indasia's needs. Due to this Indasia moves to the headquarters in Malberger Straße 19, Georgsmarienhütte. This way larger bearings allow to purchase and store larger spice quantities, which supports the overall expansion of the company. 

Indasia is part of an internationally acting company group. The latest process technologies, such as high performance mixers, aroma protection bags, packaging machines and weighing processes for automated material movements as well as computer-operated machines for the marinades production find their way into the production halls of Indasia.

"Pfefferbeißer" as a registered Trademark becomes a great success. 

The estalished claim is carried on under the new name "Indasia - for taste's sake".

Through the expansion of the export department, Indasia for the first time realizes a total annual output of over 10,000 tons.

Indasia celebrates 60th anniversary.

Indasia is IFS Level 5 and Halal certified.

Expansion of the liquid skills to new machines for filling 2 kg and 220g stand-up pouches.

Certification according to the rules of the RSPO (Round-Table-Of-Sustainable-Palm-Oil)

With the new sal oil marinades gives Indasia a clear signal for the protection of the rain forest.

Member of "Verband Lebensmittel ohne Gentechnik"
(VLOG - Industry Association Food without Genetic Engineering)