Sustainability and environmental protection

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Indasia is a godfather of Loki - a wolverine of the zoo in Osnabrück

As a modern, family led business and one of the leading spice plants in Germany, we do not only have a responsibility with regard to the quality of our products, but we also take responsibility for our employees, the environment and future generations.

Harmony between ecology, economy and social issues is important to us - for a more viable, livable and equitable world.

Indasia has been a signatory of the Declaration on compliance with the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) Code of Conduct since 2010. A Code of Conduct based on several conventions of international labor organizations, as well as conventions of the United Nations and further human rights guidelines. We therefore commit our suppliers, for example, to renounce child labor, enslavement or any other exploitation. We make sure not to hurt minorities nor to discriminate persons on race, gender, origin or religion.

Furthermore, Indasia is engaged in social terms in the immediate vicinity of the production site. We offer, for example, apprenticeships for young people with missing education and actively promote the health of our employees.