The Indasia cult Pfefferbeisser sausage celebrates its 40th birthday

... and becomes a BBQ-star 

To celebrate the 40th birthday of the cult Pfefferbeisser® sausage, the Indasia food-scouts have developed a version specifically for BBQ.

Available in

  • rough
  • medium-fine
  • fine 

there's a perfect BBQ sausage for every Pfefferbeisser®-Fan.

BBQ Pfefferbeisser - for the finest BBQ experience!

With its distinctive pepper flavour, the BBQ Pfefferbeisser has the right seasoning for a BBQ-packed summer.


Fast - Practical - Clean - Tasty

These four words are the perfect description for the new preparation method of Indasia. The special thing about the Smoke-Bag is its coated inside, meat cannot stick to the bag. For an extra-flavour, you can place a smoke-chip-bag in an additional chamber during cooking. This cooking method is a very gentle process, which proceed like a pressure cooker, the meat is done in a short time. During the process the meat cannot burn. At the same time, you can cook a side dish like vegetable in the Smoke-Bag. The gravy, which occure during cooking, you can use as a delicious sauce.

In a brochure, Indasia describes step by step the preparation method for Pulled Pork, Spare Ribs and Knuckle of Pork in the innovative Smoke-Bags. Additionally, Indasia presents different sale opportunities. Indasia does not only offers the "Smoke-Bag" and the ingredients for the preparation of the recipes, we offer the smoke-chip-bags and a delicious sauce as well.

  • Short cooking time
  • Clean preparation
  • Gentle cooking process
  • 2-in-1-effect by separation membrane
  • Meat juice / gravy stays

More information about the innovative Smoke-Bag you can find here.



Les Trésor - The counter concept

A system. Many variations.

Ensure your success with the new counter concept of Indasia.

Increase the charm and the tension of your product presentation and preserve full flexibility. The new practical counter presenter gives your customer the opportunity to rediscover your products again.

Generate additional sales with the prestigious presenter and take advantages of your chances.

Naturally, we also supply you the appropiate recipes. Our consultants are always available for questions!




the Alternative.

Sustainability is an essential part of our business philosophy and involves long-term safeguarding of the firm in particular with regard to economics, environmental protection, social responsibility and transparancy in communication with customers and users.

Our most recent initiative for protecting the rainforest involves changing the raw product from palm oil to sal oil. Our three new DEKORA®-Sal sal oil marinades demonstrate convincingly that it is possible to manage without deforestation and cultivating plantations – and absolutely no additives.

A „brilliant“ optic, full flavour and simplicity of use are guaranteed! Sign up with Indasia to protect the rainforest - more information here.