Halal spices of Indasia

The Arabic word "Halal" means "permitted, allowed".

Branch experts estimate the volume of the Halal-Market in Germany alone of hundred millions of Euros each year with an annual growth rate of 12%. The estimated number of Muslims worldwide is 1,5 billion with a consumption of Halal-products of more than 632 Billion USD each year. 

Through numerous measures of quality control and assurance, Indasia always provides proper Halal-quality:

A separate production hall as well as labeled machines and special materials ensure the unique and distinctive use of the needed devices only for the Halal-production.

A separate cleaning and dressing area guarantees that employees do not carry Halal-alien substances to this area. Modern mixing and packaging systems supplemented by regular quality checks secure consistently superior product quality.

Indasia is consequently expanding its Halal-range to an entire dry spices range.

Ask your local representative for our recent brochure on Halal.