Indasia classics

There is no way around these products and since they are so popular, we always have them in store in many different sizes.

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Our PFEFFERBEISSER® exist since 1978. 1985 had its major breakthrough and still is one of the most popular products of Indasia

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Marinade classics

Classic No. 1

DEKORA herb butter Brillant marinade of Indasia

DEKORA® herb butter Brillant
Art.-No. i57370

Glossy marinade with butter flavour.

Classic No. 2

DEKORA Puszta Brillant

DEKORA® Puszta Brillant
Art.-No. i56580

Glossy marinade with pieces of paprika, pepper and onions.

Classic No. 3

DEKORA Raffiné

DEKORA® Raffiné
Art.-No. i56600

A mild combination of many different spice extracts on a colza oil basis.

Spice classics

Classic No. 1

Grill-, roll- and spit-roast seasoning salt of Indasia

Grill-, roll- and spit-roast  seasoning salt 
Art.-No. i52910

All-purpose seasoned salt with only a Little common table salt, but many spice components - for a very unique taste.

Classic No. 2

Thuringian ground pork of Indasia

Thuringian ground pork special 
Art.-No. i27490

Preparation with seasoning for minced meat products.

Classic No. 3


DEKORA® Puszta
Art.-No. i51430

Herbs and onion mixture for salads, stews and as a seasoning for marinated steaks and chops.